6 Ways to Fail Your Road To Success!

Ever wondered what it takes to fail rather than to succeed? here are 6 ways that can answer your question!


Coaching R.O.I. – Worth It!

R.O.I – Return on Investment It is a measure that evaluates the efficiency of the investment, in other words, it calculates the winnings or losses made after a certain investment. a small example, Joe asked for 100$ to open a Lemonade stand. After the end of summer, Joe managed to collect 500$ of his sales….

Executive & Leadership Coaching, a true Misconception?

“Coaching?? are you kidding me?? that is for people who lost it and think this is their last chance to fix the damage already done.” … Oh My I was so wrong! With a bit of research i found out that Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt was assigned a coach… So that made me wonder, Why…