Executive & Leadership Coaching, a true Misconception?

“Coaching?? are you kidding me?? that is for people who lost it and think this is their last chance to fix the damage already done.”

… Oh My I was so wrong!

With a bit of research i found out that Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt was assigned a coach…

So that made me wonder, Why would someone as powerful as Google’s CEO need a coach? Didn’t he have everything figured out so that Google is where it is now?

Interesting enough.. i started digging a bit deeper.. 

“WoW.. coaching is not at all for people who are bad or under-performing! Look at these people who have coaches…”

Wait, Wait.. So what is coaching?

A simple definition, no jargon or huge words, Coaching is the way for people to go from where they are now to a great place they can achieve and visualize themselves outperforming! 

Looks Nice… Yet, why can’t we achieve this on our own?
Best thing to do is to sit with a coach and see what is so special about this…. (Best way to find out other than online searching)

So i got to sit with a Coach Trainer (This is the highest title an accredited coach — ICF — can have after extensive experience with more than 2500 coaching hours with different clients) and was granted a free session…

I`ll share with you the outcome of the session.. “What was THAT??” & i thought i had everything figured out at my job?!!

I literally had to scratch my head about questions being asked, and some ended up with “I have no clue”, & let me tell you this.. the coach never asked about the technical part of my job.. It was just about how i am managing my team…1 hour of give and take about how i am performing with my direct reports…

I know.. your reading and thinking to yourself.. but that’s too much vague.. i didn’t get what is so special about coaching…

Well, let me put it this way….
A Consultant tells you what to do and how to do it…
A Trainer tells you what to do and how to do it…

An Advisor advises you what to do and how to do it….

A Coach facilitates your path with the sole idea that you and only you have the answer to all your questions… A Coach helps in showing you that a black box is never a place to stay in and you are the key to all what is happening…

with these last words, i`ll leave you with the following YouTube clip of Google CEO Eric Schmidt talking about Coaching…

Until next time…


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