Readyyy? “YES! Oh Wait! How to Choose My Coach?”

Last night i went to get myself some dinner from the store…
I checked my wallet, found 6$ inside, and the store does not take any credit card!
So, I ended up buying a tuna sandwich for 4$ and keeping 2$ in my pocket to reward myself with a refreshment on my way back home.

Coaching IS NOTHING like buying yourself a sandwich and a refreshment!

Confused? Don’t !! You are searching for a business relation and not a one night stand with your food!

I get to hear many people lay down their story about how they ended up with a coach that really was more of a setback in their lives instead of being the person who helped lead them into a successful future.

That was more than enough to ask myself…
“If i wanted to choose a coach, well, how should i start?”
I definitely know they don’t sell them at the diner nor at your 7/11!

1 – What am I searching for?

First thing first, you need to understand that in search of a coach, you are searching for a long term business relation that will end up in success and happiness, definitely not a 50 minute crash course that changes your life all around.

2 – Ask yourself what type of coach do YOU want

No, No… We are not talking here about a well build, muscular toned, blue eyes coach… Then you have mistaken us with the swimsuit calendar.
You need to focus on asking what is it you need to work on in your life. Is it a business need or a life/relationship change you are seeking? Based on that answer you know that you either need an executive and leadership coach or a life coach.

3 – What is the first thing I should look for in a coach?

Anyone can call themselves a coach, a life coach, a business coach, etc. Yet not everyone is certified. Certified coaches are individuals who went through courses and training (accompanied by trainer coaches and a well structured curriculum) to attain a certificate, whereas others just bought an 99$ “How to become a Coach” toolkit on Monday and started selling themselves as the new kid on the block by Friday noon.

ICF (International Coaching Federation) is one of the most renowned federations that graduate coaches with certifications known worldwide. Enough said, just search the ICF directory to get to know who are the certified coaches in your area.

4 – Found yourself a certified coach nearby.. What to do next?

Before giving the coach a call, do some background check on the person. There should be some information on the World Wide Web (Internet) somewhere on what this coach does exactly. Some coaches have very specific niches that they coach on while others are broad and can coach just about anything that comes their way. It’s up to you to decide if your search requires a specific coach with a niche or a broad one. Take note that a coach with a specific niche does not mean he/she has no clue on how to coach something other than their niche, yet they took some time to be an expert in a certain area that they feel comfortable with.

5 – Feels like this coach is the right one for me.. Now what?

Congratulations on choosing your pick! Now all you have to do is pick up the phone, dial the coach’s number, and ask for a 15 minute free session.


Simply one word, “chemistry“.
One of the things you need to know more about is that if you feel compatible with the coach you have selected. You need to feel at ease with the coach’s questions, his/her approach, what tools can the coach provide and for sure if you can afford the charged rate. If all variables come together, then you can smile and consider yourself you have just completed the first step of coaching.

you might be asking
“Why should all the elements come together so that I feel I got the proper coach for myself?”
Then stay tuned for my next article that explains the key answer to your question…

I’ll leave you with this “?” for now…

What are you doing to win over what you really deserve in your professional or private life?”


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  1. Youssef says:

    very interseting coach

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