6 Ways to Fail Your Road To Success!

Client :
” I teamed up with a coach.
I attended all of my sessions!
We got great insights each time!
Eventually, the coach put our agreement on hold till he starts seeing some results!”

“My Coach Failed me!!! Guess he had no more input to help me out!!”

What a case! when i heard this client narrate his story, i felt it was similar to a kid failing his school exam and blaming the teacher for not studying.

The first thing we do as coaches, prior to putting the contract on hold with a client, is “Pointing a finger at ourselves” and asking: “Where did i (the coach) go wrong?”

But sometimes, the coach is well experienced to have a dead end with a client.

After assessing the approach (as coach), and making sure we’re on the right track, the coach starts thinking what might be the reasons the client have failed without achieving the success needed, and here is why…

6 things that make a Client Fail the “Road To Success”

1 – Past issues to resolve

A client feels that a coach is responsible for fixing and solving past issues in his/her life. This can fall under many categories yet the outcome is the same, your coach is NOT your therapist.

2 – Lack of chemistry and trust

Prior to having a business relation with a coach, the client needs to make sure there is chemistry between the two. Without chemistry, the client will not feel at ease in the meetings, making the coaching sessions suffer more than having a positive outcome.

Trust is also one of the main criteria for a successful relation between a coach and a client. Without trust, the client will be facing a huge ordeal of keeping sensitive information from the coach; This leads to having less transparency in the relation.

As William Pollard said …
Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit

3 – Lack of responsibility and dedication/commitment

Actions speak louder than words.
A client can always make tough decisions within the session, yet that is only the first step towards success. If a client does not “walk the talk”, then he/she will be left at the starting point.

Success comes in the form of hard work and dedication. If the client is only attending the sessions to blow off some steam instead of achieving results, then that takes us to the point below…

4 – Coach is hired as a sounding board

A client might have many things going in their life that sometimes, he/she need to talk and vent; And since their is a confidentiality agreement between the coach and client, the client feels safe talking and laying out what is inside his/her mind yet without the consideration to take action or get coached on the ideas.

In this case, why spend money to talk to a coach when you can meet up with a friend for a drink, and have that session for free?

5 – Client is always changing priorities

Sometimes a client is all over the place. Each session is a new challenge facing the client. Even with guidance from the coach, the client keeps changing plans and priorities each meeting, and with that overlooking many aspects where he/she could have improved instead of keeping a busy mind.

6 – Client is not coachable

Many clients don’t embrace change, rather many are limited by either fear or “if it’s not broken, why fix it?” mentality. These clients tend to be forced to be coached such as sponsored corporate clients. Still, their mindset is fixed to the idea that they are perfect the way they are.

At the End…
Colin R. Davis made it clear when he said
The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same“.

In the meantime,
“What is that 1 thing you will be doing today that your future self will be thankful for tomorrow?”


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