5 Traits you will Need to Excel in your Professional Life

You used to sit in the office wondering how is it that your colleague was given a promotion and a raise, whereas, you’re still stuck in the same old boring position?

You were both hired at the same time!
You graduated within the same year!
You kind of have the same working experience!

“Well, he definitely has a good PR with the executives that he was granted the new position..”
Yep, that is definitely why!

But, what if you’re wrong?
WHAT IF you discover you had an edge over your colleague, and that position should have had your name engraved on it!
That sucks… (Excuse my language! But that really sucks!)

Yet, you still try to persuade yourself that it’s not your chance yet and still lack some qualifications to step up and fill the shoes of an open executive/managerial position….

Blog Of The Coach would like to tell you that what you have here is a classic case of “Guilt Free Persuasion“…
This is when you try to give yourself an excuse and believe it, so not to feel guilty about not going the extra mile to show you have what it takes.

Let’s face it, no one likes to feel bad for themselves.

So, What is the best way to contemplate failure?
It’s by disguising it as an excuse.

I see you can’t wait to read the traits .. so here they are…

5 Traits you Need to Excel in your Professional Life

1) Always know Where you stand in life
Reality Check in place. Where am i? Is this what i want to do? Is this what i have been looking for?

2) Be specific on what you want
Aim towards something that is realistic and reachable. We all want to be lottery winners, yet we can’t keep on sitting like a couch potato wishing on a lucky star to hit the next jackpot. Always think, one step at a time, this is how to reach your aim.

3) Sell yourself (Metaphorically speaking of course!)
Take credit on what you do. Be innovative with your ideas and approaches. Your idea might be the next best thing for the team/company, yet it won’t take you places if you keep it to yourself. The same way you are selling your daily work for a wage by the end of the month, is the same way you need to sell your ideas for a higher position and paycheck down the line (Who knows! maybe you’ll become partner).

4) Always be prepared
When you start formulating a plan, many opportunities and road blocks start to show along the way. Be focused to either snatch that opportunity for your own sake, or be well prepared to solve an obstacle down the path like a real hero.

5) Believe In Yourself
You are able to conquer the world if you set your mind to it. Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Steve Jobs (Apple) started out in a garage and look where they are now. They believed in themselves that they can bring a change to this world like no other. If you believe in yourself, then you are likely to become the next shining star of your company. In that case, your CEO better be prepared to be replaced (Well, one step at a time, but you get my point!).

Now, you have the chance to start thinking in a way that can help improve the quality of your work life.

So, if Blog of the Coach approaches you with this…
“Which one would you pick as a priority to work on and can start having a positive impact on your working experience?”

How would you respond….


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