The Most Underrated Question of Our Time!

How Are You?”
(Or in the words of our dearly beloved Joey Tribbiani “How You Doin?“)

The most underrated question of our Time!!!
The most underrated question of our Lives!!!
We get asked this question day and night, when we meet/greet someone, or when we open a new conversation with any acquaintance.

Yet, when was the last time you asked yourself this question when looking in the mirror?

Lets take a minute now, just leave everything you are doing, find a mirror, look into it, and ask yourself this…
How Are You?”

To tell you the truth, the first time i did this exercise, all that came to my mind was “Ohhh feeling sleepyyyy!!” and got caught laughing hard (That was one weird moment i got to keep to myself at work).

Then again, i took the question a bit serious and i was amazed to what was going on in my life, what is working, what is not, what was in need of a change, what i am willing to settle for, etc.

And it was clear. That was a 3 word question that can really tend to make you think, and not in a superficial manner, as much as you get to scratch your head for an answer.

Don’t be surprised. I had that same feeling.
That question can get me that much answers?
YES… it can…!!

(Unless you ask it like Joey Tribbiani From Friends)

Lets take a quick scenario, a quick conversation between you and a co-worker or a friend from the neighborhood.

When that person asks “How Are You?”, we are programmed in a way to answer “Doing fine, how about you?”.. and then the conversation keeps on going… We tend not to burden the other person with problems and issues we are facing in our lives fearing that they might change the way they look at us… so we play it “cool” and make them believe we are not only doing “good”.. yet we are doing “great”.

Then again, if you get to ask yourself this question.. (as i did! I seriously did!).. some of my answers that came along with time are

  1. How Are You?
    Well, i’m kind of feeling down, de-motivated to go to work.
  2. How Are You?
    Things have been rough lately, getting low on income.
  3. How Are You?
    Feeling bored, not finding anything that sparks my enthusiasm.
  4. How Are You?
    Want to get away… far far away. Too much to handle at the moment and have no clue where to start.

If we take a good look at each of the answers above, they seem to be more of a general picture of what i was going through at the moment… but again, they were the start of a conversation between me, myself, and my mental state to try and figure out how to change and feel the opposite (No! I don’t suffer from D.I.D. — But thanks for asking!)

So, what did i do?

  1. I started digging deeper, started asking myself a set of questions to get to figure out what was going on. Why am i feeling that way? What can help in turning the situation?

  2. Once i got to the bottom of the issue, i started formulating a strategy on how to take myself out of this mess (if you want to call it that). Trade Secret: The success of any strategy is found in the smallest details written.

  3. I set a timeline and started executing as per step 2.

  4. Never lost hope of succeeding! Why? (read below)

a French reporter asked, “Mr. Edison, how did it feel to fail 999 times?” As the story goes, Thomas Edison just smiled and replied, “Young man, I have not failed 999 times. I have simply found 999 ways how not to create a light bulb.”

That is the same mentality i applied. I found many ways on how not to be happy and not being able to reach my goals.

Start thinking about yourself, and what you really deserve.

You don’t need to formulate corporate strategies to take yourself from one negative state to a positive one, all you need to do is get to ask yourself

“How Are You?”


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