1 Question that saves you from Bad Decisions!

The “alternative” is always one of the approaches that makes me scratch my head thinking over and over…

It is a question that starts with 2 words… 2 words that open endless possibilities for a person to think ..

Image Credit: hipsterwprev.beantownthemes.comSimply, always ask yourself by starting the question with “What If…?”

Yep, the “What If..” statement that takes you from one realm to the other, from one answer to the other, from one brainstorming session to the other… & endless possibilities that can keep on going over and over again.

Before starting to ask yourself the “what if…”, understand that this type of question is just to make sure that the other alternatives come in second place to the decision you are about to take. You may think that this will open doors to doubting your decision. Let me correct you on that, it’s a way to confirm that your decision is the best choice out of all other alternatives you thought of.

In addition, the “what if…” Question helps you formulate a back up strategy in case your decision falls apart. It is always better to keep a backup plan even if you consider that your decision 100% bulletproof.

So, the next time you are about to finalize your decision, just ask yourself “what if” and get into a debate with yourself.

You will be surprised where this question can lead you…

“What if” welcomes you to the land of opportunities…

“What IF…?”


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