4 Signs You Love Your Job! Up for the Challenge?

You spend most of your day at work, more than you get to spend with your family and at home.
The workplace has become your home, your co-workers are your siblings, and your “bosses” who know what is always best for you are your parents (metaphorically speaking of course, unless you are working in a family business).

Then again, you find yourself asking, “Is this what i really want? Am i happy at work? Is all the effort that i put throughout the week worth it?”

Lets sit back for a second, visualize your day at work and start thinking through the following…

How can i know if what i do is what i love, and what i love is what i do?

You Love Mondays

image credit: duncoatalaku.files.wordpress.comYou should have had the “Monday Blues” sometimes in your life to know what i’m talking about (If you never had the Monday Blues, well, you are one of the few lucky ones worldwide). True that it’s called the Monday Blues, but if you get to look at the individuals who live this state of mind, it all starts around Sunday afternoon where the only thing they can think of is “Weekend is gone, i have to go to work tomorrow…”.

Take a look at someone with the Monday blues coming to work. They are never happy, cannot tolerate morning chats, always have a their coffee mug ready before saying good morning, and have an issue trying to smile since it feels like a daunting punishment, with some special cases where the person reminds you by the hour how many ‘days:hours:minutes’ are left till the coming weekend.

BUT, if you love your job, you don’t have to worry a minute about the Monday Blues. You will be waking with that positive attitude to go to work. Mondays for you are pretty similar to any day of the weekend. Monday is a walk in the park, a new day to take on new adventures, socialize, and make the best of it. If you consider yourself that, then you’re a Monday person!


Image Credit: www.shedoesthecity.comMany struggle trying to be productive throughout the day and many get to fail this task day in/day out since they don’t love what they do. True, they get to fulfill their tasks and duties, but with bare minimum effort and quality. How can you assess if you are one of the low productive individuals at work? Take a closer look at what you do and specify the time it took you to accomplish it, in comparison to the time it should have been done. If this is a recurring step, then you are out of focus since your work is not interesting enough for you, affecting your time management, and feeling stuck in a task that is a never ending endeavor. An additional thing that can help you find out how productive you are relates to always trying to find something that keeps you away from work such as sleeping, eating, internet surfing, mobile gaming, social media, etc.

BUT, if you are a person that multi-tasks, gets the job done right from the first time (Not always! We are all human), always involved in helping others to do well, and have the spirit of “what can i pick up next?”, then you my friend, is one productive person at work. In addition, if you get to leave work with the personal satisfaction of achieving & conquering new obstacles throughout the day, then i hold out my hat for you, cause not only your are a productive person, but a daily achiever.

The Extra Mile

IMage Credit: www.thesouthasiantimes.infoEach individual has a comfort zone. Imagine your comfort zone as your home couche, with a coffee table filled with your perfect meals or fast food, and your favorite TV series airing all day long (or your favorite books in case you are not into TV). So if we need to add the Extra Mile to the above, then it’s like having your mother (when you were a kid) turning off the TV, taking away all the food, and asking you to go clean up your room or you will never even see daylight again. Tough, right? Well, nothing comes easy, especially when trying to shoot outside your comfort zone.

BUT , if you are that person who always gets to achieve more than what is expected from you, always rewarded as employee of the month/year, getting bonuses for amazing work done, shooting new innovative ideas, then you are the person who aims high beyond their job description. In reference to the example above, before watching tv, you clean your room, do the dishes, take out the garbage, all done before turning on the TV, and by that keep mother happy.

“Procrastination” is not a word that can be found in your dictionary.

I Do What I Love, I Love What I Do

Image Credit: herscoop.comWhat do you call “a paid position of regular employment“?
A Job.
You refer to it as a daily process that you can’t get rid off but you wish you can. You eventually find yourself working to sustain yourself. It is not “You Live to work” anymore as much as “You work to live”. You find yourself losing passion for what you do, your mental state is blocked, and eventually you are in a lock-down and so deep it is very hard to change or do anything that can turn the wheel to your favor (It’s not the end of the world still!).

BUT, if you are passionate about what you do, you stopped counting working hours, you find the day passing like a breeze with all the stress and tasks you have, and eventually when asked “What do you do?” you reply back “What i love”… instead of saying “my job”.. Then i applaud you for finding your passion in life whereas many are still searching.

Take this article as a challenge to find if you enjoy what you do. Ask yourself what are the signs above that fit your profile and which don’t. Get to assess your situation cause you, especially you, deserve to be happy. So, what are you waiting for?


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