Get 1000$ Free Voucher! Instantly!!

You pressed on the link for the 1000$ voucher.
The good news is that you have an interest in getting more cash for your pocket.
The bad news is that their is no easy money to be given here, & the 1000$ voucher does not even exist.


Don’t be so fast to close the link cause it was misleading.

The misleading part is that you are still baring the idea that easy money is still 1 click away!

If you ever played the lottery, you know how enticing it is to win the jackpot which can help you retire the minute they announce your name as a winner, yet with the probability of pulling out 6 numbers from a total of 42, you will end up with a chance of 42!/(6!*(42-6)!) = (1 in) 5,245,786.

That’s right, you have a chance of less than 1% (far less but to make it logical) to win and go for early retirement.

Still, with such low stats, you still pay for a ticket and hail that chance will be on your side this week, start day dreaming at the office of how much you will enjoy that brand new car, a house with a pool, and maybe a couple of retreats in the Seashell Islands and a small detour prior arriving home down to Monaco for some fancy living.

Wake up!! Unless you have just inherited some big bank accounts, this is not the way things happen, & If you follow my articles, you will have the question in mind “What does leadership got to do with lottery and all of this?”.

Well, the answer is “plenty”.
Let me ask you this.. “Who is in charge of your life? Who is leading your life?”
In case you answered different than “i am in charge of leading my own life”, then we might find ourselves in a pickle. Yet, for this article’s sake, let me assume you defined yourself as a the leader of your own life.
Don’t think that chance & luck are the 2 main reasons for people to get rich & famous, have a great life, car, house, etc.
Some might argue that luck and chance are part of the universe working with or against you “stuff”, but from what i have been seeing all around, chance & luck were never even close to being part of any business or life strategy.
I`ll be quick on these couple of weeks observations…

1) i saw 3 types of people
a) individuals who surrendered to their own fate & their desk job
b) individuals who are searching on life’s purpose
c) individuals who are working twice as hard with the idea of creating the life they will fall in love with.

2) Many are being rejected for their own ideas by others who have never tried.

3) Working hard with no results for the time-being is part of the transformation process.

4) There is no easy money, easy fix, easy job, easy income, easy life, easy….

5) The “power of self” lies in the individuals who got so broken, yet still had what it takes to stand up and go over it again.

6) Once you are hungry for achieving, remember that your hunger will only grow bigger with time.

7) Passion is the first result of the adventure you create for yourself.

8) One small thing that really caught my attention in the past week was when a person called Andre stated the following “Be around 5 millionaires and you will be the 6th. Be around 5 entrepreneurs and you will be the 6th…” (you get the message).

9) Have a purpose on what you are doing and never think money in the first place.

10) Fill the 10th point as you see fit below (or in the comment of the article)

Becoming the future you is never in relation to luck & chance. It is all about you!
You are either in the leadership position to direct your life to where you want, or you are letting someone who is leading and driving you to a place you will soon wake up and hate yourself for not seeing where you were heading….
Wake up! Now is your time!

Unleash your power and the best you can become with Coaching…
Why Settle for good when you realize you can be Great!?


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