3 Things to Start/Stop Doing for a Better Brain!

Oh i`m depressed.
I feel drained.
I don’t want to go to work.
I will be productive all day in bed, under the sheets.
5 more minutes!
I feel like doing “Nothing” today.
I can’t think straight, let me watch some TV.
Nothing is working in my life.
Why is he/she doing better than me?
I have no luck in this life.. maybe the next!
I’ll start dieting on Monday.. That’s the global rule of dieting.

& 2 my favorites
> If i only had money.. i would turn everything around… but for now.. i`ll keep where  i am.. i can’t do anything.
> It’s too late for me.. only if were 10 years younger, i might have reconsidered.


… & many more of the things we keep repeating to ourselves each day, simply because doing nothing is the easiest form of living around.

42287167-doodles-about-procrastination-on-chalkboardYes! You heard me, doing nothing is the easiest form of living…

It’s the same way you procrastinate in front of the television.

It’s the same way you procrastinate at work.

It’s the same way you keep on nagging about your life that nothing is working.

It’s the same way that comes in different ways.
Lost? Keep up with me…
Doing nothing comes in different forms. If you look closely, these are all means/ways for you NOT to think.

What is easier than not thinking?
Nagging about it & Doing Nothing.

I can’t take it seeing you like this…
So, since you might be far, or near, let me give you a launch platform on 3 Start/Stop To Dos, so that your brain gets a jump start back to life…
If you keep the procrastination attitude, you are as close to a zombie as you can be! Congrats!

To do

watching TV
i know! i know! you can’t keep away from not watching “Game of Thrones”, or waiting for that new sitcom to show it’s first season… That’s fine..
Yet limit yourself to a certain time you need to procrastinate in front of the screen.

START reading Books
Oh.. reading! what a hassle! Totally understand…
Why read a book, when you can watch the movie? That’s like saying why get married and make a family when you can rent your neighbors’ kids for the weekend?
Knowledge is always found in words. Isn’t that how you do your research? write an article? Did you ever hear a faculty professor asking of you to do a video about your calculus homework?

STOP …. Nagging!
Shush!! again!! SHUSH!! if you are nagging just to vent, then i`m here for you and i will listen to you all the way.
YET!!!! if you keep nagging, & nagging, & naggging, & nagggginnngggg, & naggingggggggg…. Annoying right? Well that is partially how annoying your nagging is about the subject!
if nagging is not part of the solution, zip it! Have the courage to nag & advice yourself on a solution, else.. take it from me (& please do excuse my language) SHUT UP!

Here we go again with the doing thing!
I know, procrastinating is much more effort free and easy than trying to even think.
Doing, well that requires, Analyzing, Thinking, Creating different scenarios, Visualizing, Assessing different decisions, and eventually Settling for one and keeping an eye on the output (always analyzing each step in case you want to do some changes).
Oh My! you are right!! that is a lot for the “Doing“.

You know what… your life will definitely change from the movies of heroes and conquering evil characters that you are watching on TV. Who knows? Maybe you will wake up one day and discover you can fly, or you get a visit from Batman asking you to be his Robbin.
Keep procrastinating!! your 15 minutes of fame will eventually come! 

… an Old Behavior
I know what you are thinking “Easy for you to say….
Who said it was easy? If you had this idea going through your head, it’s like saying, i`ll dream of doing sports at night and wake up to a six pack and a toned body (It’s all about the mind! right?)
A Behavior is a way the brain wires itself to be able to repeat different actions without using much energy, and leaving its power for processing new input which is in need of analysis and decision-making.
So the next time you experience a bad behavior, take a closer look at it, and you will see that you just did the action without much thought and decision about it. It’s like a program that runs with no effort. So what do you need to do?
check out a behavior that is ruining your life in some aspect, and start having awareness over it. Then, on a piece of paper, cellphone, sticky note, etc. write the trigger of the behavior, when it is occurring, who can help you in stopping it (if applicable).

… a New Behavior
… the same as the above, and this behavior should be the one to replace the other one you are trying to stop. So, on the same piece of paper, write down when this behavior should come in place, and the reward you need to give yourself each time it happens and covers the one you are trying to stop.

Bottom line, nothing is easy. Nothing will ever be.
Take it from me, you need to work your a** off to be able to make it.
No one will give you anything on a silver platter.
One more thing, the taste of victory when you accomplish your aim, is far more sweeter than the sleepless nights you worked on to be where you are today.


Leadership starts from within… Leadership starts here
Good luck in leading your life!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Kenn says:

    I like the part about “stop watching tv” 😉 Did that so long ago I can’t remember when. Gotta be over 15 years ago.

    One thing I’d urge is to make sure whatever you stop and start doing, ask the question, “Will this be fun?” because it can be hard to let ourselves enjoy new ventures when we’ve been trained to “work hard(er)”.


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