5 Ways to Ruin your TEAM!

Larry, Get your *** off to my office now!”

Evi! You have to work late night on Friday. The deadline is set for Friday night, no questions asked.”

Sam, you need to cover some delayed work for a couple of hours on Sunday.”

Ireen, as we approach the end of year, I want you to be more productive so that you earn your bonus.”

Jimmy! Oh Jimmy! Being 7 minutes 28 seconds late in the morning is not acceptable.”

In a way or another, we all had that one manager who passed on through our lives that made us hate our morning, our day, our job, and even coming to work.

In a way or another, we all had that one manager who in our minds, we wanted to stand up to, look them in the face, and tell them to F@&% Off!

And eventually, we all had that one manager who made us truly believe, that anywhere other than the current position we hold, is much much more better (see the emphasis ! )

If you are a manager, and you’ve been feeling nostalgic to the above formulas (and so much more), then Welcome to the eye-opener of how you are ruining your team.

If you were an employee and you’ve been living these nightmares with your manager, then start looking for a new job (That came out too straight!!).

So, without additional introductions, lets jump into 5 ways you or your manager might be ruining the team.

  1. Burn Baby! BURN!!
    Why do we sleep? to recharge energy!
    Why do we eat? to recharge energy!
    Why do we take a break? to recharge energy!Why do you push your team to exceed 40 hours per week (on a weekly basis + weekends)? to deplete energy!Message received? Hope so!

  2. I“…”I“…”Only I“…”Me Me Me”
    We all know that managers are given a sensitive position and hold higher priority responsibilities, but this does not change the fact they should be taking praise on something they did not do. Want to ruin your team? Take credit for yourself on everything they do! Want to work without a team? Make them feel that they would not be here without you!

  3. “I have to do EVERYTHING for YOU”
    Skills are something we get to learn along the way. Being a manager is all about coaching your direct reports. “Monkey Say Monkey Do” is never a long-lasting solution especially for members who are eager to learn and think on their own.

  4. ATTiTude!
    You like being the center of all that’s going on? You like to use authority? Take credit for successful work? Blame others for failure?
    That is an excellent attitude on how to have no team to work with!
    Make sure to ask yourself the following if the tables are turned..
    Do you like being bossed around? Being deprived of any good work you did? Blamed for the errors that you or others performed?
    If Yes, then make sure to Google the closest therapist for your case.
    Believe me, it’s urgent!

  5. Just Being a Manager
    The idea is that if you want to be just a manager, delegate tasks, assign resources, and make sure you are result oriented &  you fulfilled only these; then congratulations on limiting yourself and your team to staying where you are when the rest of the world is being driven forward.
    I`m not saying these should not be done, but again these are not the only requirements to the managerial positions that you are filling.
    Keep in mind that your role as a manager is to push (as in help!) people move forward  while keeping them feeling safe and believing they are an added value to the team and the company’s vision.

    What’s the lesson from all this?
    I`ll sum it up with the picture below…
    Image result for people leave managers not companies

    Till then, keep on asking yourself, “Why Settle for Good When You Can Be Great!?”.


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