I Need Help! & It’s OK!

Since when did we start thinking that asking for help is a sign of weakness?

Since when did we start thinking that asking for help means losing grounds?

Since when did You start thinking that asking for help is______________ ? (Well, I`ll leave this one for you to fill)

For me this is what I have been seeing lately.
The fear of asking for help alone makes the idea unbearable and puts you in a spot where everything starts going from grey to black, and eventually, you feel paralyzed and unable to think or move.

How did I ever let it come to this stage? What did I miss? What is it that I am not understanding about myself?


Today, I’ll be talking about myself, the “ME”.
I won’t be narrating in the form of “WE” or even “YOU” from now on.

I will be sharing a personal experience in relation to “I Need Help! & It’s OK!”.

It has been a year & a half that I have been working on a project, and I am in love with it. No wait! Let me create a better image for you to understand my passion about it.
This project is that perfect someone you always fantasized about, and this perfect someone just became real. You are given the chance not only to date that perfect someone, but you end up loving and marrying them and creating that perfect family. That is the metaphoric relation I have with my work.


But! Lately, I started feeling that I`m getting drained. My energy levels are pretty low, and I am physically tired. It is taking me time to wake up, eat, work, sleep, and even exercise. I started feeling that everything is starting to lose color, and life without colors is as scary as your next nightmare.

One night, sitting on the balcony contemplating what I have been going through, it hit me! Why don’t I ask for Help?
Yet, at that very same moment, Sir EGO sticks itself right out and goes “You can Do It. You don’t need anyone! You Can Do It”.

Guess what.. Sir EGO was dead wrong. All my EGO made me think was how much I have to lose in case I asked. After having that thought, on the next day, I went back to the same old cycle of being tired and internally broke.

By the time I hit a low point of physical and emotional fatigue, I took a decision to open up and ask for “Help”.

Result? (never saw that coming!)
Two passionate people jumped on board of #BOTC (Blog Of The Coach) and helped me see things in a new perspective. Their passion and motivation ignited a spark in me I thought it was shut off.
Turns out asking for help from the right people creates a new world of possibilities, experiments, and lessons learned.

The most important lesson learned?
People, by nature, if motivated and excited about what you do, are more than willing to become part of the change. They are more willing to help achieve that vision. For them, it feels that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. This also works for small things.

Not a believer? Try it 🙂

1 Brain is better than 2.
2 Brains are better than 3.
3 Brains are better than 4…
You get my point..


So what does that have to do with Leadership you say? (Ah I used “YOU”, but for a decent cause)

A leader is always in favor of his followers, and since we are all human and prone to error, we might need sometimes a hand to hold us or even support us.
Leaders are people who are not afraid to ask.
Leaders are people who will help when asked and ask for help in return.
Leaders are people just like you and me, but the difference is that leaders get to be in touch with their inner peace and have faith in their surroundings, making it easier to say “I need your help…”.

By no means i am a leader.
Leadership is earned.
But i work my way to create the traits of a leader in me to understand the word and how it is defined in our lives.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.
When people ask for coaching, they have the will to change. They are asking for help; the help that sets their mind open and opens their eyes to another perspective.
And guess what?
The help they are seeking in coaching is to help themselves unlock their answers on their problems in order to achieve their dreams using their own skills.

Help? Would gladly ask for it again…

& Guess what?

It is more than OK.


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